Culture CBD Tips/ Refills


Filled with an over sized reservoir of 250mg of premium CBD, our vaporizer pen is designed to be discrete and sleek. Aroma-free for enjoyment everywhere.You can also enjoy your CBD with either Indica or Sativa and get the best of both worlds! Choose the one that is best for you!

What’s the best way to store my Culture vapourizer pen?

For best results, store your vape pen with the cap and mouthpiece facing down. Your product will perform best when stored between 0-35 C.

Choose from a variety of CBD options:

  • CBD (250mg)
  • CBD:Indica (150mg:150mg) > Happy/ Hungry/ Sleepy
  • CBD:Sativa (150mg:150mg) > Uplifting/ Energetic

If you don’t already have a 510 Thread battery, you’re going to need one!


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